A virtual terminal is an online payment processing platform that operates as a link between your computer and the processing-powers-that-be. With our cloud-based system, you can operate your business from anywhere, and you gain all of the operating functionality that would come with any other dedicated terminal. This means you can cut out the costs of setting up individual workstations; your Forte Virtual Terminal can literally move with you.

We promise that our Virtual Terminal will change your life. Compared to traditional payment collection methods, the pros may be endless. We’ll keep it short and give you only a few of the best.

Super Sonic Speed

Forte’s Virtual Terminal processes payments somewhere near the speed of light. And our automated validation features occur in real-time, at the point of entry, so that you can pounce swiftly on your next project.

Hands-Off Recollect and Recurring Transactions

Set up automatic recollect so that returned payments can be scheduled for reattempts whenever your business needs. You can also manage and automate any recurring transactions like memberships and subscriptions. Get it done literally in your sleep.

People and Places (Users and Accounts)

Set up individual permissions for each and every user you’d like to add; they’re unlimited and customizable. You can also choose to create a hierarchy to manage multiple accounts with a single sign-on, creating one-stop for all of your accounts – even if they’re in different locations.

Total Lock-Down Security

Our Virtual Terminal comes standard with Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV) validation for cardholder fraud prevention. We also implement payment tokenization, so that your customer’s payment information is stored securely through the terminal.

On-The-Go Reporting

Every single one of our clear and insightful reports can go where your Internet access goes. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding through our informative suite, which updates in real-time and safely encrypts all data for storage in our redundant and geographically diverse tier 1 data centers.