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Take your business to new heights with
Electronic Merchant Services payment gateway.
Fast and secure payment and processing solutions.
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Customized solutions for any business.
No matter what your high risk industry or business is,
Electronic Merchant Services will get you processing.
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Electronic Merchant Services provide credit card processing services to make your business run smoother.
Accept payments anywhere, anytime.

Electronic Merchant Services (EMS)

Merchant Services from Certified Payments Professionals

EMS is a leading payment gateway and merchant services provider.

Setting up a merchant account, payment gateway, virtual merchant account or credit card machine starts with a credit card processing agreement. A credit card processing agreement is the first step to payment processing. It’s important to know which account is right for you before you set up service. Do you need a Virtual Merchant account, Payment Gateway or credit card machine? A Certified Payments Professional knows the right processing solution can help you manage and grow your business. We feel it’s important to have a qualified professional discuss the right merchant account for your business. We have a Certified Payments Professional on staff ready to help you optimize your merchant account.

Partnering with EMS means you will be working with one of the leading providers in the United States. We’ve been in business since 1999 and, over time, we’ve developed a complete line of products and services to help your business grow. More importantly, we have the staff to make it happen.

We understand that merchant account services vary according to business size and industry. EMS has specialized payment processing for all types of business — retail, restaurants, travel, and more.

For online businesses, our Payment Gateway can help you accept online payments in your shopping cart. EMS’s Payment Gateway has an affordable electronic check payments solution. In addition, our merchants log in directly to a secure website to configure custom account settings, download statements, generate reports and manage transactions. Online fraudulent activity is costly. With our fraud protection, suite you can identify, manage and prevent potentially expensive fraudulent transactions.

EMS has the right merchant account for your mobile business. Take payments directly from your smartphone. Capture payments with our secure and encrypted reader. Email receipts directly to your customer. All you need is EMS’s free app on your Android, iPhone or Blackberry.

EMS products and services include:

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express payment processing
  • Payment Gateway
  • Voyager and EBT
  • ATM and Debit
  • Virtual Merchant
  • Check Guarantee & Electronic Check Conversion
  • Merchant Cash Advance up to $600,000
  • Credit Card Machine, Point-Of-Sale Equipment & Supplies

Merchant Services Card Acceptance

Fast Approval

Rest assured once our easy-to-complete application is complete we have most merchant accounts approved within 24 hours. Overall we have a 97% approval rate. When you need fast approval choose EMS.

Next Day Funding

EMS has true next day funding. Your merchant services account with EMS is linked to your bank of choice. Many businesses today depend on receiving next day funding to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently. We have next day funding because we know cash flow is important when it comes time to fund payroll or make inventory purchases.

We deposit into your bank of choice, next business day. Next day funding means that businesses which do transactions on Friday, Saturday or Sunday get funded on Monday. Monday’s transactions are funded on Tuesday. We have the latest cut off time in the industry. Funds are truly available when you need them.

EMS Takes Your Security Seriously

All companies that “touch” card data in any way are required meet minimum data security standards known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI applies to all businesses regardless of size or the number of transactions they complete. PCI standards apply to all who have access to credit card processing data through their payment gateway, credit card machine or Virtual Merchant account.

Being compliant means a company meets minimum PCI DSS standards for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. In other words, it means business owners are doing their part to make sure their customers’ information is being kept safe with every transaction. Both the business owner and customer can have confidence that they’re protected against the pain and cost of data breaches.

Business owners always need to evaluate company operations, fix weaknesses, and file required compliance certificates with their merchant services processor.

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