Electronic Check & ACH

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eCheck & ACH Payment Processing

Processing checks electronically at the point of sale is simply more efficient than handling paper checks. With “electronic checks”, we can verify fund availability more easily, perform payment processing more efficiently, provide you with your money faster, and help you reduce and handle returned checks more effectively. We also offer the option of ACH Payment Processing. The Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) is an electronic system which processes credit and debit transfers for institutions nationwide.

Benefits of our eCheck service:

  • “Guaranteed” service level prevents checking account debits for returned checks
  • Submit check payments electronically for faster settlement and payment
  • Improve productivity and operating efficiencies
  • Faster checkout, improved tender time
  • Eliminate daily check reconciliation, trips to the bank, and separate check handling processes - your electronic checks get deposited along with your daily credit card and debit card transactions
  • Customers receive confirmation of the transaction and a voided check, eliminating the risk of physical fraud on their check
  • Customers receive enhanced transaction detail on their monthly bank statement
  • Guaranteed funds upon approval
  • Increased availability through faster settlement
  • Electronic check conversion reduces employee theft, check fraud, and misplaced checks
  • Consolidated activity statements
  • Computerized records give you instant access to full data on checks accepted, processed, and returned
  • Use check purchase information for marketing and promotional activities