Merchant Services Agent

Partnering with the right company.


Merchant Services Agent

Are you in the merchant services industry? If so, choosing the right company to partner with is the most important business decision you will make. Here at Electronic Merchant Services (EMS) our partnering approach stems from the understanding that our success is based upon your success. Adjectives like innovative, transparency, accessibility and support are not just words but they are a reality at EMS.

Almost anyone can get a typical brick and mortar or e commerce merchant account approved.  Most of our merchant accounts are these standard types.  What about high risk?  We approve Medical Marijuana, Financial Services, Collection Agencies, Downloadable Software, Travel Agencies, Non-US Gaming, Dating, Marketing, Replica, Trial Offers, Negative Billing, Bankruptcy Merchants, Penny Auctions, E-Cigs, Credit Repair, Real Estate, Pharmacy, Tobacco, Adult, Forex, MLM, Local Coupons, Trial Offers, Bad Credit, continuity Payments and more.

BEST merchant services agent program

  • With one merchant services agent agreement you have access to DOZENS of processors.  At EMS we believe if there is a merchant account we can’t get approved than nobody can.  Whether it’s a standard merchant account, high risk or off shore merchant account, we have the solution for you.
  • We have the highest merchant services agent residual payout.  Build your residual portfolio quickly with 50% – 90% revenue sharing.
  • You will be amazed with our Dedicated Support Staff.  From signing a new merchant account to helping an existing merchant our knowledgeable support team is ready to back you.  Most of our staff carries the industry standard certification, Certified Payments Professional (CPP).  Our senior staff has three decades experience in the bankcard industry.
  • With standard merchant account approval as soon as same day with an easy application process you will quickly sign-up new merchant accounts.
  • No application fees or contracts.
  • Agent portal to review your merchant accounts and residuals.
  • Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.  We are among the highest rated companies by business owners.
  • Digitally submit online merchant applications.


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