Chargeback Prevention

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Every company has a vision of how it stands apart. At EMS we have a competitive advantage. We offer strategic management of account relationships, customizing service level offerings based on your needs. With a dedicated client relations team, we provide transaction management and reporting, advanced fraud monitoring, chargeback management and interchange management.

The chargeback mechanism exists solely to protect consumers. On the other hand, the threat of forced fund reversal urges merchants to provide quality products, helpful customer service, and timely refunds, making its existence a useful incentive to improve one’s business.

However, if a merchant is looking for a way to eliminate or reduce credit card chargeback, there are some things that can be done.

Ten ways to reduce chargebacks:

  1. Control risk for mail, phone and Internet transactions.
  2. Get a manual imprint and signature
  3. Respond quickly to requests for transaction copies
  4. Issue credit/refunds quickly.
  5. Avoid duplicate transactions
  6. Cancel recurring transactions when asked.
  7. Get signed proof of delivery
  8. Don’t continue with an authorization after the card has been declined
  9. Resolve disputes with the customer early. Make sure the customer has a clear understanding of your return policy.
  10. Make sure the embossed numbers on the card match the printed receipt.