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iPad POS System Solution

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Streamline your entire operation when you tap into our menu of business solutions while enhancing the dining experience. Meet or exceed your customer’s technology expectations by offering pay-at-the-table, online/mobile order ahead and contactless payments – and stay competitive.  And with security top of mind, your customers’ card data is protected from breaches with with our our recommended layered approach.  Welcome to the future of restaurants.

talech’s iPad solution is a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to get started quickly. With just a few taps you can take orders, manage your inventory, access customer information and view daily reports.

  • Simple and intuitive. With just a few taps you can take orders, manage your inventory, access customer information and view daily reports through iPad POS system.
  • Accept multiple payment types. With support for split-bill, credit, cash and check payments, Talech makes it easy for you to do business. Since the data is encrypted at the time of swipe, your customer information is always secure.
  • Run sales and promotions using discounts. Apply discounts to an individual item or an entire order. Choose from dollar or percentage discounts. Get a detailed breakdown of discounts applied to all orders.
  • Analytics. Get detailed reports on sales and transaction trends. See which products and employees are the top performers. Get a daily summary at the end of each business day and always be in the know.
  • Insights. Insights identify patterns in your data and provide actionable recommendations to help you run your small business better.
  • Understand customer behavior. Capture customer information at the point of sale. Understand how often your customers visit your business, how much they spend, their last visit and their preferences.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access. Talech is an iPad POS system that stores all your data in the cloud so you can update your product information from your iPad and it’s available on all your devices instantly. With bulk upload and edit capability, managing products can be done in little time.
  • Stay connected to your business. Talech allows you to view all our sales data in real-time so you can see how your business is doing anytime.

Talech iPad interface

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