Payment is one of the main reasons why you are all doing online tutoring. Having a payment gateway in the website is the most secure way of receiving money from the students.

Payment gateway provide a greater degree of control and automation to online tutors like you. Any tutoring platform which has an integrated payment system offers an improved user experience to end users. For online tutors, the manual tasks and redundant tasks are minimised.

Benefits of Having Integrated Payment Gateway

Secure Transaction- An integrated payment gateway checks and validates online transactions in real time. It protects you and your students from any fraud and future legal tussles.
Ease of Use-  Anyone with basic computer/ smartphone knowledge can make payment. You do not need to train users or post video on to how to make payments.
Integrated Gateway- Ideally your platform should have gateway integrated within itself. Your online tutoring platform should provide you this feature.
Feature Rich- Your integrated payment gateway should offer you features like payment option choices, card features, etc. You may turn on all or some of these features whenever you want them.

It would be fine if your custom made website has integrated payment gateway. But only problem here would that if you get any technical glitch, then you would be in trouble.