The business landscape has changed dramatically over the last few weeks. More and more businesses are moving to online formats, even if just temporarily. This will bring more fraud. When you are a business owner, the buck stops with you. It is your responsibility to protect our customer’s data as well as our own system’s data. Below are 10 tips that you can implement to help protect you and your customers.

  1. Use Strong Passwords and change default ones
  2. Store only the information you need in locked file cabinets or password protected computer files
  3. Inspect payment terminals for tampering
  4. Use trusted business partners and know how to contact them
  5. Install patches from your software vendors
  6. Protect in-house access to card data
  7. Use anti-virus software
  8. Use secure payments terminals and solutions
  9. Use firewalls to protect your business from the Internet
  10. Use encryption and tokenization to make your data useless to criminals

At Electronic Merchant Services, we have experience setting up secure credit card processing accounts with an emphasis in eCommerce. We work with our business owners to maintain the best security standards possible. Call us today to help set your system up right.