Dynamic Currency Conversion

Generate income processing foreign transactions

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Improve Your Bottom Line While Catering to Your International ClienteleDCC benefits

People from all over the world come to the U.S. for  vacations, business trips, second homes, educational opportunities and medical services.  Typically, credit card purchases are made in U.S. dollars and converted later to the buyer’s home currency with the cardholder paying a conversion fee to the card issuer.  Now there’s a smart alternative: Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) converts international MasterCard® and Visa® card purchases to the cardholders home currency at the time of sale.

With DCC, your international customers will know exactly what their total purchase is in their home currency.  Conversion rates are typically much more competitive than those at money exchange booths or hotels. Each receipt shows the purchase in U.S. dollars, the conversion rate, plus the cardholder’s home currency amount. This makes it easier for travelers to reconcile purchases when paying card balances.  EMS’s DCC converts U.S. dollars into a variety of currencies, including:  Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar and many more.

DCC Pays You Back

EMS shares the income generated by processing foreign transactions and rebates a percentage of the conversion fees to you on your monthly processing statement. The more international business you do, the more you improve your bottom line. Plus, because the amount on the receipt matches that on the cardholder’s statement, DCC reduces the number of chargebacks due to unrecognized amounts. DCC works with all MasterCard and Visa cards from countries with supported currencies. Conversion rates are accurate, market-driven, and updated daily. And fees are very competitive with those currently charged to the cardholder by card issuers.

Improved Service for Your International Customers

Dynamic Currency Conversion helps your international  customers feel at ease, while helping you improve your bottom line.

DCC Service Features:

  • International MasterCard and Visa card purchases are converted instantly at the time of sale to the cardholder’s home currency.Sample DCC Receipts
  • Conversion is made at a very competitive exchange rate – eliminating unpleasant surprises for consumers when their credit card bill arrives.
  • Best of all, EMS will rebate a share of the conversion fee to you, offsetting card acceptance costs and generating additional revenue for yourbusiness.

How DCC Works

DCC doesn’t require you to identify eligible international credit cards. When the transaction is sent for authorization, EMS will automatically determine if it is a foreign DCC qualified card. If it is, you will be prompted to confirm the conversion with the cardholder and a DCC receipt will print. Funds are paid to you in U.S. dollars, and reports clearly indicate both foreign and U.S. dollar amounts.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) FAQs

What is DCC?  DCC is a value-added service that gives international travelers the option to pay in their home currency at the point of sale (POS). The transaction amount is immediately converted from the business’s local currency to the cardholder’s home currency for on-the spot clarity.

How many currencies are included in DCC?  DCC supports 66 currencies.

What transactions are applicable to DCC?  DCC is applicable to international Mastercard® and VISA® transactions ONLY.

How is a DCC transaction identified?   The POS/PMS system detects that the card is issued in a foreign currency and is eligible for DCC.

When is the transaction converted when DCC is accepted?  The transaction is converted at the time of purchase before the transaction is authorized.

What are the benefits for the business?
• New revenue stream – rebated commission on every converted DCC transaction
• Fewer disputed transactions and chargebacks
• Seamless integration with POS and PMS
• No currency exchange risk

What are the benefits for the cardholder?
• Transparency about exchange rate and fees
• Better rates and fees than money exchange kiosks
• Easily reconcile statement
• Peace of mind

sample merchant rebates

When does the processor generate revenue from DCC?  Processor generates revenue on DCC, only if a cardholder says yes and a conversion actually occurs. Processor receives revenue from the conversion fee applied to the transaction.  Equally important, the revenue share with our customer is only generated when a DCC conversion occurs.

What types of businesses are best suited for DCC?
• Hotels
• Retail establishments
• E-commerce that sells to other countries
• Restaurant

What is a typical transaction experience for a hotel guest?  The following workflow details a hotel guest’s experience:
Check In
• UK guest checks in to a North American hotel
• Guest’s card is swiped/dipped/tapped and the
eligibility check occurs